What are Casino Bonus Requirements?

Casino bonuses are quite an attractive proposition at first glance. But it's very hard to find very low casino bonus requirements nowadays. The player needs to do a lot of research to find bonus requirements that they can live with. In order to do this, knowing what bonus requirements are and examples of these is important.

Casino bonus requirements pertains to the rules and regulations dictated by the casinos when it comes to bonuses. This includes all the rules on wagering requirements, the amount of cash you need to deposit, how to earn it, how much you need to bet and how to withdraw your bonus money. There are a lot of restrictions in terms of what games can be included in gaining access to your cash bonus. Wagering requirements are also quite high which can go up to as much as 60x. There is also a shorter time period to earn and claim it. We found out that Jackpot Capital casino has one of the best wagering requirements in the industry, which means players won't need to play as much to release the bonus. Our readers can get both no deposit and welcome bonus at https://www.jackpotcapitalnodeposit.com/no-deposit-bonus-codes.html.

During the earlier days, the casino bonus requirements were considered to be more friendly to players. It used to be just a 4x to 10x wagering requirements and a lot of the games that are excluded now are eligible in order for your bonus to be cleared. The low bonus rollovers are available in almost all online casinos. You can get your cash bonus by wagering a lot less that what is required today. You only need to bet around $800 to clear your $100 bonus. Compare that now with an $8,000 bet to clear the same bonus shows the huge change implemented.

The reason why they changed the casino bonus requirements is to prevent what is called bonus hunting. Bonus hunters are online gamblers taking advantage of bonus offers in order to earn some free cash with no intention of becoming regular members. They normally play enough to clear the bonus and withdraw the funds. This change made finding casinos that have low requirements in bonuses quite difficult. It also made clearing these bonuses almost impossible without having to spend too much.

Looking at a couple of online casinos that offer welcome bonuses show the difference in their bonus requirements. Betsson Casino has a weighted clearing system for its bonuses. This system allows all wagers on games played in the casino to count in clearing the player's bonus. But each game contributes differently and some can be quite minimal. You also still need to bet around 25x to clear a bonus. Club USA on the other hand requires a 50x bet. Not all games count towards earning your bonus in both casinos.