Does the Martingale betting system really work? Find out here

Betting systems not only fail to defeat the casino games that have a house edge, but they can't even knock it even a little. Dice and roulette balls simply don't have a memory. The results for each loss in a craps game and each spin in a round of roulette will not be affected by the previous results. In short, no matter how much you tell yourself that a wagering system works, it will never give you the any real profits.

The Martingale betting system is a method where the player doubles his wager each time he losses. This is usually used in even money games like the red or black wager in roulette and the don't pass or pass wager in craps. Basically, the idea is when you double your bets after you lose, you will be able to recover the money and earn one unit. For example, when a player begins with a $1 bet and consequently loses for four times but wins on the fifth, he has lost $1+$2+$4+$8=$15 on the four bets but won $16 on the last wager so he had a $1 profit. The problem is you could easily lose all your money before you can recover it. Two programs have been created to simulate the Martingale betting system and compare it with flat betting. Those who use the Martingale betting system would always begin with $1; the flat bettor would wager $1 all the time. The Martingale bettor will play for 100 wagers or until such time that he can't cover the wager anymore. At this point, he will abandon the game and walk away with whatever he has left. If his 100th wager losses, he will never stop wagering until he wins or runs out of funds to cover the next wager. On the other hand, the flat bettor will always play 100 wagers. Repeating the experiment for a million sessions resulted to the flat bettor having a bell curve with a loss of not being too far from $1. Meanwhile, the Martingale punter has a profit peak of $51 but suffered several losses and numerous times where he had to walk away since he can't cover the bet anymore. The average loss per session for the flat punter was $1.12 while the Martingale bettor suffered a $4.20 loss.

There are a lot of betting systems offered on the internet. These promise to beat any game involving luck but any sensible person knows there is no defeating luck since it can never be predicted and is independent of any previous events. Even if gambling systems have long existed, no system has been proven to really work.