Enjoy an Intuitive and Helpful Online Poker School

Anyone who is interested in poker school would do well to avoid the traditional systems that make use of expensive paid trainers and instructional videos. Advanced poker training is the way to go, and this will allow you to play against artificial, computer developed opponents at a simulated table. Each of the more than 100 different pre-programmed competitors uses a different style and has its own difficult, ensuring that those who want to learn can do so in their own way.

There are nine table difficulties from which you can choose, and these start with the beginning opponents who choose to play passively as well as those who are known as "sharks" who play aggressively and for very high stakes. This way, those who attend the poker school are faced with every single situation possible prior to ever putting down any real money at any table. The interface resembles that of any poker site; users will be able to buy more chips, stand up from the table, return to the lobby, check your personal statistics, and use intuitive buttons to check, raise, bet or call. They can even speed up the game or slow it down and hover the cursor over each AI opponent to discover his or her weaknesses and tendencies.

The one thing that sets the advanced poker school apart from anything else is that it has a Game Options feature that will allow users to control things that they cannot control in any other way. For instance, they can opt to choose an Advisor which is a computer-controlled trainer that can help them by giving them tips and moves to make at any time based upon their own styles. Uses can choose from among 20 different advisors which are among the top 20 AI opponents, allowing them to choose a style they would like to emulate and learn about it in real time with real help. It truly doesn't get much better than that, and a video just won't cut it.